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Turians (Redux) | Nihlus Kryik

The boy may be a stumbletongue, but he’s not stupid.


that is the most relevant thing Rita Ora has done with her career

Brittana + being in love


This might be the most random-looking Follow Forever ever. (Gintama blogs: my side blog is yorozuya-gin-chan) I might have never talked to some of you (off anon) but it’s always awesome to see you on my dash! I apologize if I forgot anyone. Mutuals are bolded (asdfjkl; I can’t believe how many blogs I love are also following me?!).

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And of course, thanks to all my followers, the reason I made this in the first place. Kudos especially to those who’ve stuck around for so long, no matter how my blog mutated. Also to those of you who like games but not Hannibal, vice versa or neither - I don’t know how you put up with me, so cheers and thank you again!

P.S. gamers, please add me on Steam (Turian Chocolate) if you’d like!

Hey, thanks so much!

"Weren’t we going to explore the outside world? Far, far beyond these walls… to the burning water and the land of ice, to the snowfields of sand. To that world my parents were always hoping to see… Isn’t that the dream we both shared?"

and you think I’m kiddin’, don’t ya?